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Best Smart Plugs

There are a number of important factors to consider before buying a smart plug. So before you rush to buy a smart plug, consider the following important points.

  1. Where are you using your smart plug, indoor or outdoor.
  2. Is your smart plug supports major voice assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.
  3. Is your smart plug Water Resistant.
  4. Is your smart plug capable of dimming the lights.
  5. Is your smart plug controls your garage door.
  6. While driving in a car, can you switch off the lights without touching your phone. 

I strongly recommend you to consider above things before you buy a smart plugs to your home.

Best Indoor Smart Plug

After considering two dozen smart plugs, I recommend Wemo Smart Plug, its one the major brands and only plug that supports all the three voice assistants Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. You might have different brand products at your home. For example you might be using Fire TV and using Google Smart Speaker and an Iphone and you can control your smart plug with all these three.

While driving in a car, you can just say to Google or Siri to turn off the lights and many devices at home. For example, if you buy Amazon smart plug which is not compatible with Google Home or Siri, its not so convenient to use all the products at your home.  

Best Outdoor Smart Plug and Water Resistant

Kasa is a very good brand and I have been using Meross outdoor smart plug for more than a year to switch on and off my outdoor lights and it works perfectly without any issues. And it supports all the three voice assistants.

I strongly recommend Meross outdoor smart plug for your outdoor lights. When I am leaving out in the night in my car, I can just tell Google in my car, Hey Google, turn off outdoor lights, and it just turns off.

Best Smart Switch to Dim Lights

Read this article before you are planning to buy a smart plug to dim lights. You need to consider many things before you plan to buy a smart switch to dim lights. Wemo has out performed in all the categories. Wemo Smart Dimmer Switch is the best switch to dim lights.

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