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How to Set Up Alexa On Portal TV

Connecting Alexa to Facebook Portal TV is a really easy job! There are two ways the same can be done-

  1. Through Settings later
  2. During the initial setup of the Facebook Portal TV

Let us elaborate both step by step for you:

How to set up Alexa on Portal TV through Settings later?

This is a very easy process too. Here is a step by step for the same.

  1. Power On your Portal TV
  2. Go to the Home Page.
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Then, tap on Accounts
  5. Tap on Amazon Alexa then
  1. You need to now use a computer/laptop or a tablet and visit www.amazon.com/code
  2. You will have to sign in to your Amazon account then. If you don’t have one created previously you may simply follow the on screen instructions to create one.
  1. You need to type in the code that is displayed on your Portal TV Screen.
  2. Now tap continue on your Facebook Portal TV
  3. Finally, tap Done
  4. Now, your Alexa is linked with your Portal and ready to use.

How to set up Alexa during the initial setup of the Facebook Portal TV?

You need to login to your Amazon account previously before venturing out in this process of the setup. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you need to create one following instructions for the same.

  1. When you boot up your Facebook TV for the first time you can setup Alexa too. All you need to do is follow the instructions.
  2. You will reach a stage where the words “Unlock Alexa on Portal” will appear on the screen. There will be a button saying ‘Connect’ just below it.
  3. You need to tap on that button. 
  4. You will then be asked to sign into your Amazon account using your credentials. Then you’re good to go! 
  5. Your Alexa will be connected to Portal TV and will be ready for use.

How to remove Alexa from Facebook Portal TV?

This process is also as simple and easy as setting it up in Portal TV. Here is the step by step procedure for the same.

  1. Go to Settings on the Portal TV homepage
  2. Tap on Accounts.
  3. Select Amazon Alexa from the list. You will be presented with a number of options then.
  4. In Device Options you need to find the option to deregister Alexa.
  5. You will receive a message on screen to confirm your choice. Select Yes and it will be done

You can reconnect Amazon Alexa back again whenever you wish following the procedure mentioned above! All it takes is a few minutes!

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