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Bluetooth vs Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The first sets of computer accessories like the keyboard and mouse came with their long wires and cables. However, that has changed of recent with the introduction of wireless keyboard and mouse. For several reasons, wireless devices are becoming more popular and the main reason is that you can now get more freedom as there is no need for wires and annoying cables anymore. 

 Unlike what most people think, Bluetooth and Wireless technologies are exactly not the same things. Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology but even at that, not all kinds of wireless technology can be referred to as Bluetooth. Hence, there are differences between Bluetooth and Wireless keyboards and mouse and these differences will be discussed at length in this piece. 

Differences between Wireless Bluetooth vs Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Multiple Pairing

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Based on the way that they were designed, the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are a lot easier to work with a larger number of devices at the same time. For instance, a typical wireless Bluetooth keyboard can be paired without any stress with the tablet and laptop computer as long as they are Bluetooth-enabled. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: The pairing of Wireless keyboard and mouse will depend mainly on the presence of a wi-fi network and the strength of the signals being generated. Overall, a lot more devices can connect with wi-fi networks as compared with Bluetooth networks. 


Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Overall, because of the Bluetooth technology that they run on, these devices provide a relatively lower level of security. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Wireless devices generally have a higher level of security. This has to do with the way they are designed and configured. 


This has to do with the ability of the device to connect to and work effectively with other devices. Overall, wireless receivers are designed as a proprietary device with a particular brand name. 

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Generally, the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can pair only with other devices that have been designed to be mutually compatible. The nice thing with Bluetooth keyboards and mouse is that they can hook up with any device that is Bluetooth enabled and this is applicable irrespective of the brand that manufactured it or even how the pairing was done. This makes Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to be generally more compatible. 

Wi-Fi Keyboard and Mouse: As expected, the compatibility of a Wireless keyboard and mouse is dependent on its ability to be able to connect with the prevailing Wireless network. As long as this is done, compatibility is not an issue. 


When it comes to the use of a mouse or keyboard, one of the most important factors of consideration is the latency. This is because you do not want any delay of any kind when you are working. This is particularly important when quick response is needed in engagements like games. 

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Based on their level of advancement which is generally lower than the Wireless counterparts, the latency rate is typically higher and comes at about 1.3 most. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: The latency is lower with the Wireless keyboard and mouse. The recorded latency rate can be at an impressive 1 ms.

Ease of Set-Up

When the issue is one of the setups, it is apparent that the ones that come with the wireless dongle are typically easier. 

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: When compared with the Wireless keyboard and mouse, it can be a little more complicated or hectic. This is because there are considerably more steps that have to be taken when it comes to the setting up of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The first thing is that you will have to make sure all is in the pairing mode. Once the pairing mode is done, the next thing will be to wait a while for the tablet or laptop computer to link up with the keyboard or mouse. In a case where there are both accessories 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Since many of the Wireless keyboard and mouse come with the dongle, it is straightforward when it comes to setting them up. All you need to do is to plug the dongle in, the system detects a new device and connects automatically. All this can take less than one minute in all. In many instances, a single dongle can be used for the connection of both the mouse and the keyboard. In a case of the additional device, then you will have to go over all the process once again. 

 When there is a peripheral, there is the need to do a removal of the dongle from your computer and plug it in another device that you want to utilize. But once again, the dongle is easy to lose so you will have to be careful. Some kinds of mouse models come with a section it stores the dongle but that does not come with all the brands. 


This is a reference to the distance over which the signals will remain functional. 

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: As with other Bluetooth devices, the range for the keyboard and mouse can be as low as five meters or it can be as much as 30 meters. But it must be stated that even at that, it is still noticeably lower than the range of the Wireless keyboard and mouse. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: As hinted in the section earlier, the Wireless keyboard and mouse typically have a much greater range. In an indoor environment, the range can be up to 32 meters and then 95 meters for outdoor spaces. So, for those who want to work in an environment with a larger surface area, a Wireless keyboard and mouse can be better selections. 

Accessories and Other Features

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Wireless Bluetooth keyboards and mouse are considered to be excellent when it comes to the built-in nature. An advantage with this is that even if you do not have the USB wireless dongle adapter that has to be connected to the computer, all is not lost. 

This is because in many cases, the other devices like laptop or desktop computers already come with Bluetooth technology and all that you have to do is just pair with a Bluetooth-enabled device and you can make use of the keyboard and mouse. Hence, if you are the type that is fond of misplacing dongles from time to time, these products will be good options for you. This is because Bluetooth does not need a port so you can use the USB port for your other devices that need the port. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Just as the name implies, the basis of the Wireless keyboard and mouse is the Wireless connection. The keyboard and mouse are connected to a larger Wireless network before they can function properly. 

Connectivity and Speed

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: The interesting thing is that both Bluetooth and other kinds of wireless technologies work via radiofrequency. The operation of Bluetooth is done particularly in the 2.4 to 2.8 GHz range. However, others who are operators can also have a much wider span. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Overall, Wireless keyboards and mouse have higher rates of connectivity and speed than their Bluetooth counterparts because of the way that they have been configured. They are also well-suited for work in environments with higher demands. 

Ease of Use

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: They are considerably easier to use. The connection to other Bluetooth devices for simultaneous use is also straightforward. Switching from one device to another is also without any stress. But for the initial stage of setup, more steps have to be taken. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: If there is no existing Wireless connection, it has to be put in place first and that can take a lot of time and technical skills. For most people, what they do is to get the services of the experts who then do the installation of the Wireless network in the space. 

Latency and Bit-Rate

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: The average latency is 200 ms for Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and the bit-rate, it comes to 150 ms. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: The average latency is 2.1 Mbps for Wireless wireless keyboard and mouse which is much higher and for the bit-rate, it comes to 600 ms which is also much higher. 


In this piece, the differences between Bluetooth and wireless keyboard and mouse have been clearly outlined. Based on this, it will become a lot easier for the user to select the kind of computer accessories that will be best for the kind of purpose that is intended for the mouse or keyboard. 

By knowing the main features of each product, one will be in a better position to make a judgment regarding which one to go for. Wireless products have made life a lot easier for everyone but there are still different features with the specific wireless products and that is the essence of this piece.

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