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Do Smart Plugs Work With Google Home

One of the most utilized if not the most used phrase in the internet space is ‘google it.’ This phrase has become synonymous with searching the internet for valuable information. Google home takes advantage of one of the most widely used search engines globally – Google to provide home controls and personalized home assistants that cater to the end-users needs.

Yes, Smart Plugs work with Google Home. Smart plugs make it very easy to make a living or working space a smart space. While many high-end gadgets offer the same feature, the advantage of smart plugs over these high-end gadgets is the ease at which it can be utilized and the low cost of smart plugs when compared with gadgets devices that accomplish a similar purpose. Smart plugs can work effectively with Google home.

The range of likelihood that can be achieved by combining smart plugs with Google home is mind-boggling. There are many features on both devices that make a combination of both very interesting for any end-user. The features that can be gotten when smart plugs work with Google home would be discussed extensively.

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Google Home and Smart Plug

Before delving into these devices’ applications, it would be ideal to grasp or get an excellent understanding of how both devices work. 

Google home is a smart speaker that is designed to function together with Google’s assistant. The speaker has been configured to carry out simple commands given to it employing the google home app or through voice commands. Because this device is connected to the google search engine and utilizes the full range of this powerful search engine, it is also possible to play music, listen to podcasts, get weather forecasts, or even set an alarm that wakes the user up when it is time. Google Home also can act as the control center of a smart home. Connecting compatible appliances such as smart bulbs or other smart appliances makes it possible to control the home with just the sound of your voice. 

A smart plug makes the control of devices seamless. Smart plugs are connected to an outlet, then the device that needs to be connected to the smart plug is plugged into the smart plug. The smart plug is then connected to the wireless network of the home or office space. After this connection has been established, the smart plug is controlled using the accompanying software or smartphone application. Other features come with the smart plug making it more interesting to utilize depending on the smart plug brand. 

Different Types of Things You Can Accomplish With Smart Plug

There are a lot of smart plug brands in the market presently. While these smart plugs differ according to their features, all of them can carry out some or all of the functions mentioned below

Indoor Smart Plug

Smart plugs can be utilized for indoor purposes. Smart plugs that are designed to function in indoor conditions. They can control electrical appliances or devices like television, coffee maker, or even control lights, iron for pressing clothes. They can be used to give outsiders the impression that you are home even when you are on a trip. The smart plug feature that makes it possible to do this is the scheduling function, and it is available for a lot of smart plug brands. 

Outdoor Smart Plug

These smart plugs have been designed to function in outdoor conditions exposed to higher temperatures and moisture that can damage ordinary smart plugs designed for indoor use. They usually come with an IP rating, assuring the end user of the smart plug’s ability to withstand dust and moisture.

Smart Plug for Television

Smart plugs may also be used to control frequently used appliances like televisions. The television can be scheduled to come on at set times and also turn off at set times.

Smart Plug for Garage Door Opener

This is another sufficient application of smart plugs. With this, smart plug owners of garages can set the garage door to open automatically at given points during the day and close automatically a few minutes later.

Smart Plug for Fan

This is especially useful in office environments. The smart plug can be set to come when the weather is hot or even turn off in cold weather conditions.

Smart Plug for Air Conditioner

With this application, you may rest easy about forgetting to turn off air conditioning systems in the office. The smart plug may be configured to turn off the air conditioner connected during the close of work and come on during working hours.

You Can Monitor the Energy of the Device

One of the selling points of many smart plugs is that they can be used to monitor the energy consumption of devices connected to it. Some smart plugs even give data daily, weekly, or even semi-monthly or monthly. It gives information on the appliance connected, telling the end user how much power he uses. This can be used to carry out energy savings in a home or office space.

How to add Smart Plug to Google Home

To enjoy all the features of combining smart plugs to google home, these devices must be configured appropriately to work seamlessly together. Below is a step by step procedure on how the smart plug can be added to Google Home. 

The first step in adding a smart plug to google home is to set up Google Home.

After setting up Google home, open the Google Home app. On the top left part of the app, tap the Add icon. The next option is to set up the device

A question now prompts on the app interface. The question is, Have something already set up?

For a new set up, tap No, and select the smart plug’s manufacturer on the list. 

The in-app steps should then be followed to complete the setup

Top 3 Smart Plugs for Google Home

There are several smart plugs to choose from. One can select smart plugs based on different criteria or the purpose that the smart plugs are to be used for. However, some of the best smart plugs in the market are indicated below:

Wemo Smart Plug

The Wemo smart plug comes in different variants. There is the Wemo Wifi smart plug, Wemo mini Wifi smart plug, and the Wemo Insight smart plug. These smart plugs have features that make them very different from other brands available in the market. One of the critical features of this smart plug is that it can control appliances in the home from any part of the world. Another feature of this smart plug is the scheduling and timing function, making it possible to set appliances to come on and off at appropriate times without physically turning them on or off. The smart plug supports voice command and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, and Apple Homekit. 

Kasa Tp Link Smart Plug

These smart plugs are renowned by users all over the globe for the level of sophistication, as well as the simplicity of their usage. One of these smart plug’s key features is that it gives the user easy control of all appliances connected to the smart plug. It is also operated through the Kasa app, a smartphone application on iOS and Android interfaces. 

The Kasa Tp-Link smart plug also supports scheduling and setting of timers, making it quite useful in turning off lights and other appliances at set times. The ease at which the smart plug can be controlled using a voice command means that the user can spend his day without worrying about physically moving around to turn on or turn off electrical appliances. 

Interestingly, this smart plug can also be controlled from any part of the world with an internet connection. 

Philips Hue Smart Plug

The Philips brand is just one of the most recognized in the world. The Philips Hue smart plug makes it possible to make lighting smart by connecting them to the smart plug. The Philips Hue smart plug works with a Bluetooth connection and also supports voice control. It also works with the Hue bridge. Virtual voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Microsoft Cortana are all compatible with this smart plug. 

Some other smart plugs that compare favorably with the above mentioned smart plugs are outlined below:

  • C by GE On/Off Smart Plug
  • Samsung Smart Plug

Smart plugs provide a cost-effective solution for making a home or office space a smart space. However, it is possible to combine the smart plug with Google Home, increasing its capability exponentially by letting it have access to one of the largest search engines in the whole world – Google.

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