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Amazon Smart Plug Review

First things first, if you are using Google and Apple products, Amazon smart plug doesn’t work with them and you can’t integrate amazon smart plug with Google or Apple products. This is the only disadvantage I see with the amazon smart plug. But you need to consider many things when buying a smart plug.

If you are looking to transform your home into a smart one, a smart plug is a good device to start with. The Amazon smart plug is one such device that enables you to control other devices in your home through voice command. With the aid of the Alexa app or an Alexa enabled device such as Sonos One, Fire TV, and Echo, you can control your home.

Also, home appliances like coffee makers, fans, TV, and lights, which are normally not smart can be voice-controlled using the smart plug. With multiple Amazon smart plugs, you can plug and control devices on more than one outlet. It is easy to use, helps save you money, keeps your home safe, and it works exclusively with Amazon’s Alexa.

This article is a review of the Amazon smart plug- its capabilities and in capabilities and aims at guiding you when deciding on which smart plug to buy.

We reviewed more than 10 smart plugs and feel these are best smart plugs after considering many things like described in the table below. Click this link for more information.

Time to Set UpLess than 5 Minutes
WaterproofIts not water proof and its rated as IP30(Protected from tools and wires greater than 2.5 millimeters.) (Not protected from liquids)
OutdoorDont use for outdoor
TimerYes, you can set timers
Garage Door OpenerYes, you can use this for garage door opener. This smart plug supports 1800 watts and most of the garage door opener will have 1100 to 1400 watts, ensure this smart plug is protected properly and not exposed to water.
Air ConditionerIt depends, if you are using centralied AC, it may not work, if you are using an AC for a single room, it might work, check the manual of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner uses less than 1800 watts you can use this smart plug for air conditioner
Turn on TVYes
Dim LIghtsNo
Power StripYes(Amazon says not to use on power strip, but I didnt see any issue using it, I have been using smart plugs for more than any year now.
Surge ProtectionNo
Energy MonitoringNo – Disadvantage
Google Assistant and Google HomeNo – Disadvantage
ScheduleYes, you can schedule

Amazon Smart Plug Setup – Fast and Easy

First of all, it is worthy of note that the Amazon smart plug is easy to use, and it requires less than 5 minutes to be completely set up. When compared to other smart plugs out there, this can be said to be fast. Needless to say, that how easy a smart plug is to be used and the stress of trying to set it up can put potential users off.

The Amazon smart plug is carefully designed with ease of use and set up in mind besides its ability to turn your home into a smart one. Here is a clear instruction on how to easily set up your Amazon smart plug. You will need to have the most recent version of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa app before you commence the setup process.

  • If you enable your Wi-Fi simple setup, your Amazon smart plug will likely set itself up automatically. Confirm your device registration by following steps.
  • Open your Alexa app.
  • Click on DEVICES and choose the + (plus) icon.
  • Next, click on Plugs.
  • Scan the Barcode on the smart plug or guide and follow the instructions to complete setup.
  • Click on “unable to setup using Barcode” if you are not able to and follow the prompt.
  • If you are still not able to setup at this stage, press and hold unto the power button for about 11-12 seconds to reset it.

Here is how to ensure that a device in your home is compatible with your Amazon smart plug.

  • Turn the device On.
  • Next, unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Plug it again into the socket.
  • The device will go on and start working if it is compatible with your new Amazon smart plug.

It is only when a device is compatible with your amazon smart plug that you can turn it on or off remotely. When compared to other smart plugs, the Amazon smart plug responds to your voice command very fast.

Amazon Smart Plug To An Echo – Automatic Detection

The Amazon smart plug can be connected to the amazon echo to enable you to enjoy more of its smart features. Here is how to go about that.

Plug the smart plug into the wall socket and watch out for it to blink a blue light, which signifies that it is ready to interact with your Amazon Echo.

  • Go to the Alexa app on your smart device.
  • You will see a prompt indicating that “Your smart plug is ready for use”.
  • Tap on “Turn On”, and you will be notified that the plug is On.

However, if the plug fails to be ready to use, you can follow the following steps.

  • Go to the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Click on “Devices”.
  • Tap on the Plus (+) button at the top right corner of the page and click on Add Device.
  • Choose plug and select the brand, being “Amazon”.
  • Scan the barcode on the device or user guide, and your plug is ready for use.

If after all these, your Amazon smart plug is not ready for use, try doing the following:

  • Put on the location services and Bluetooth of your smartphone.
  • Permit the camera in your Alexa app to pair with your device.
  • Ensure that the room you are in is well lit then you can scan the barcode in the Quick start guide on the device. 
  • Remove your device plug from the power outlet and then plug it in again.
  • Press the action button on the device and hold it for 5 seconds until you get a red and blue LED blink. It is then ready for a manual setup of which the step is already outlined above.

Features, Designs, and Specifications

The Amazon smart is designed in a rectangular shape and can fit into a three-pinned socket. It is Wi-Fi enabled and has a power button on the left side, with an LED indicator in front of it. The LED indicator blinks blue when the smart plug is on and ready for setup. When it blinks red, it means the connection is lost, whereas it does not blink when off. It has a power rating of 6A and rated for 220-240 volts, which means heavy appliances should not be operated using this device.

Also, this device has a Wi-Fi radio of 2.4 GigaHertz under its hood, which it uses to hear your voice command. It works with Alexa to turn your devices on or power them off. The Amazon smart plug requires no hub and can be installed in many outlets to allow you to control multiple devices to be controlled. Furthermore, this device has a power button on the left side, which can be used to put it on or off manually. 

Controlling the Amazon Smart Plug

This device can be controlled through voice command by simply asking Alexa to put a device on or off, or through the Alexa app on your smart device, be it a tablet, Android, or iPhone. Whichever way you choose to control the Amazon smart plug, you will find that it is easy to do. Whether you are home or away, you can still control the appliances plugged into it.

How to control the Amazon smart plug with your smart device

  • Go to the Alexa app on your smart device.
  • Click on the devices tab.
  • Click on PLUGS and select the smart plug.
  • At the center of the page is a big plug smart, which you should click to turn the plug on or off.

Voice-control the Amazon smart plug

  • Go to the Alexa app on your device and click on the devices icon.
  • Click on “Plugs”, which is at the top.
  • Click on the menu (…) button, which is located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on “Edit name” found next to the name first plug.
  • Change the name to that of the appliance you want to voice control, for instance, coffee maker.
  • Control the appliance with your voice by saying Alexa, turn off the coffee maker if that is what you want.

Uses and Compatibility Issues

Is the Amazon Smart Plug Waterproof?

This smart plug is not waterproof and it can be damaged by liquids. It is rated as IP30 and should be protected from wires and tools of more than 2.5 millimeters. For this reason, the Amazon smart plug should be used indoors and not outdoors

Can you set a Timer on the Amazon smart plug?

Yes, you can set timers and schedule your Amazon smart plug to automatically go on or off. Timers enable you to set certain instructions for Alexa to follow at specific times. These instructions are set in the Alexa app to happen at specific times. From timing your coffee maker to turn your lights off or on, this smart plug can be used to time many more devices. The timing allows you to enjoy the comfort of turning a device off after it has been on for a particular time frame.

How to Set A Timer with Your Amazon Smart Plug?

Though the task of setting a timer may seem daunting at first, you’ll find that it can save you time and stress. You will not need to worry if you forgot to turn off your coffee maker as you rest assured that Alexa will do so as instructed. Here is how to go about setting up your smart plug

  • Plug your appliance into the smart plug and then plug the smart plug into the wall socket.
  • Go to your Alexa app and click on devices.
  • Click on devices and tap on Plugs.
  • Click on “first plug” and tap on settings to change the device name.
  • Give the name of the device you intend to control, for instance, coffee maker.
  • Open the Alexa app on your smart device and tap on the menu icon (…).
  • Tap on Routines and then tap on the plus button that is at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on “When this Happens” and select what you wish to activate the routine.
  •  Click the Plus (+) icon that is next to the Add Action icon and then tap on “smart home”.
  • Tap on Control device.
  • Tap on the Coffee maker.
  • Click onto ON.
  • Tap the Next Icon.
  • Tap on the Plus icon next to Add Action and scroll down to wait.
  • Set the timer to the time you want, for instance, 30 minutes, and click on Next.
  • Tap the Plus Icon, which is next to Add Action.
  • Click on smart home and tap on “control device”.
  • Tap on the coffee maker.
  • Tap on Off.

Setting timers for your smart plug allows your coffee maker to go on when something happens and go off after 30 minutes, leaving you with no worries. You can set other appliances in your home to various routines, which allows them to operate at various times according to your setting. Setting timers help give your home the appearance that you are home, which can reduce break-ins.

Can the Amazon smart plug Be Used as a Garage door opener?

Yes, the Amazon smart plug can be used as a garage door opener. Most garage door openers have a power wattage of 1100 to 1400, and the Amazon smart plug supports up to 1800 watts. Be sure to check that the smart plug is plugged into the outlet and that it is not exposed to water as it is not waterproof. 

Also, using the smart plug to control your garage door guarantees peace of mind especially when you forgot to lock it when going out. You can simply command Alexa to do so.

Can you Control Your Air conditioner with the Amazon smart plug?

You can use the Amazon smart plug to control your air conditioner provided it consumes less than 1800. Also, if your AC system is centralized, it may not work whereas, if you are using the air conditioner for a single room, it may work. Make sure to check your AC manual to be sure that the AC does not consume more than the wattage and amps rating that the plug can support.

Controlling Other Home Appliances with the Amazon smart Plug.

Revamping your home and appliances into a smart one brings convenience at your beck and call. With the Amazon smart plug, you can set timers for your lights and other devices. Also, turning on and off your appliances becomes a thing you can do from anywhere using your mobile phone via voice command applications. 

How to use Amazon Smart plug on a Coffee Maker or Kettle?

Setting your smart plug with the coffee maker or Kettle is simple and easy. 

  • Firstly, plug the smart plug into an outlet and plug in your coffee maker to the smart plug.
  •  After this, add the device and save it to your Alexa.
  •  Ensure you save with a name, for example, “coffee maker”. 
  • With this, you have your Coffee maker set up with your Alexa.
  • Next, put in your ground coffee and add water. 
  • When you need a cup of coffee, just request Alexa to make one for you or set a time for Alexa to make one for you.

How to use Amazon Smart plug to turn on your TV?

The answer is yes, you can use Amazon Smart plug to turn on your TV. Now, the question is, how do you use it so that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with operating your TV via Alexa? You will first have to configure the smart plug from your phone. Here is how to do that.

  • Plug the Smart plug into an outlet.
  • Open the Alexa application on your smartphone then, select “Device”.
  • Click on the plus icon and select the option Add Device.
  • Select the smart plug device in this case being your TV

Ensure to name the smart plug, for instance, Bed room lamp, Living room TV, or sitting room lights, and enable location services and Bluetooth. Finally, check for the Blue LED lights and ensure it’s flashing on the smart plug. 

After following all of these steps, you can lay across your feet and say: “Alexa, turn on the TV”. Note that Alexa does not control changing channels, neither does it control regulating volume. 

Can the Amazon smart Plug be used to Dim Lights?

No, this device can only be used to turn your lights on or off. You can use it to schedule or set routines for when your lights should go on or off, but not to dim them.

Can you plug a Power strip into the Amazon smart plug?

Yes, you can do so. Although Amazon has advised against that, it can be used with a power strip provided the maximum wattage of the smart plug is not exceeded. This is to ensure that both the power strip and smart plug work safely. Plugging the power strip into a smart plug allows you to install holiday lights and other appliances while enabling them to go off or on concurrently.

To be on the safer side, check the wattage of both your smart plug and the power strip to avoid using too many appliances and power that the smart plug can carry. Also, ensure that you put off the power strip when not in use and plug them directly into the wall outlets instead, as that will help buffer the current.

What are the Signs that the Smart plug is overloaded?

If the maximum wattage of your smart plug is exceeded, you will notice the following:

  • Tripping of the circuit breaker.
  • Melting of the plastic coating of the plugin, which may lead to electric shock.
  • Fire.
  • Shortage of power.

Does the Amazon Smart Plug offer Surge protection?

No, the Amazon smart plug offers no surge protection. However, you can use it with a smart surge protector power strip, which allows you to plug in and control your devices remotely while protecting them from a power surge. Also, a smart power surge protector cuts energy supply to home appliances that are not being used to help save you energy and cost.

Does the Amazon Smart Plug Offer Energy monitoring?

Although very reliable, the Amazon smart plug does not offer power monitoring. It does not help with energy monitoring, and if you are looking for a smart plug that can deliver power usage reports, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Is the Amazon smart plug compatible with Google assistant and Google Home?

The Amazon smart plug is not compatible with Google Home or Google assistant as no positive results were obtained when trying to integrate it. This smart plug works with Alexa only, the voice assistant from Amazon. Also, the device is compatible with Amazon products like the Echo speakers and fire TV.

Certainly, you may want to manage your smart plug from a voice-enabled device. However, Amazon Smart Plug only works with Alexa, not any other product or Google-owned voice-enabled speakers. But the surest most compatible voice-enabled application for the Amazon smart plug is the Alexa application. If you plan on buying the Amazon smart plug, ensure that you intend to use it with Alexa. Otherwise, you will run into incompatibility issues.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that Google Home doesn’t integrate with other smart plugs. Numerous smart plug brands integrate well with Google home.

Does it work with Siri?

No, the Amazon smart plug does not support voice assistants apart from Alexa, and Siri is not an exception. It also does not support the Apple HomeKit setup or IFTT enabled devices. However, you can connect motion-sensor cameras to the Amazon smart plug, which can then be controlled through Alexa routines.

Can you Create Schedules with the Amazon Smart Plug?

Yes, you can create a schedule or routine using the Amazon smart plug. Creating a schedule permits you to set directives for your smart plug to turn your appliances on or off through voice command. The Amazon smart plug lets you reduce the stress of having to control your devices separately and instead schedule all the appliances in your home to go on or off at chosen times of the day.

Also, creating schedules enables you to control your home when you are leaving, as well as make it ready and comfortable for your habitation moments before you are back. It is also possible to use this device to run your home smartly. Activities like running your coffee maker and turning on your lights can all be scheduled. Scheduling this smart plug can be done through:

  • Voice command.
  • Contact or motion sensor.
  • Time setting.

How to Create a Schedule with the Amazon Smart Plug?

  • Go to your Alexa app on your device and tap on the MENU.
  • Click on “Routines”.
  • Click on the plus button that is on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on “Schedule” and select the time and day you want an activity to happen.
  • Click on “Done” and on “Add Action” and click on Smart Home.
  • Choose the smart plug on which the appliance you want to schedule is plugged in.
  • Click on “Off” or “On”, whichever one you want to schedule.
  • Click on Next and then Save.

Follow the same steps to schedule your smart plug to go on in case you had schedule it to go off.

How to Group your Home Appliances for Easier Scheduling?

You can use the Amazon smart plug to group your devices into smart home device groups and operate them at the same time. It becomes needful when you have more than one smart plug or many home appliances. Here is how to go about that.

  • Go to your Alexa app on your device and tap on Devices on the menu.
  • Click on the Plus icon and tap on the Add Group.
  • You may choose to go with the existing group name or change it.
  • Click on next and select the devices you wish to add to the home group.
  • Click Save.

You can now schedule whichever home group you want to go on or off at the same. The Amazon smart plug makes running your home smoother than you can ever imagine.


  • Installation is very straight forward.
  • It works perfectly with Alexa and its enabled devices without the need for an extra hub.
  • It is a means to save costs on energy bills.
  • It can be employed to set timers and create schedules.
  • It gives you total control of the home even when you are away.


  • It is compatible with Alexa alone.
  • It is quite pricy when compared to other smart plugs.
  • Its features and control are too advanced.

Is the Amazon Smart Plug Worth Buying?

The Amazon smart plug lets you control your devices and can help you save costs in the form of energy bills. If you ask me, it is worth the buy when you desire to be able to turn on or put off your home appliances remotely. When you wish to control your devices beyond just powering them on or off, then this device may be of little help to you.

Also, you will find it very useful if you are comfortable with a smart plug that is voice-controlled with Alexa and its enabled devices alone. Otherwise, you may want to look elsewhere.

If you are looking for a smart plug that is easy to set up and use, the Amazon smart plug is undeniably one.

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