Can Sony Soundbar work with Samsung TV

Sony Soundbar works perfectly well with Samsung TV, although, it is best to use HDMI cable when doing the connection. Provided that you do not have the HDMI cable, you can opt in for an Optical digital audio cable. Other connection method available aside those two is RCA (Analog), this is the cable that comes in red and white indication. Apparently, you can control your volume via the remote

How to Setup Sony Soundbar With Samsung TV

There are variations in the way you can set up your Sony Soundbar and your TV and this will depend on the devices type. There are various ways by which you can connect your Sony Soundbar to your Samsung TV which are HDMI (ARC), HDMI and Optical digital audio cable, Optical digital audio cable only, Analog audio cable only. 

  1. Select any of the connection method you wish to use depending on your device. 
  2. Once connected, you’ll have to alter the audio output setting from your TV 
  • Switch on your TV 
  • Switch on your Sony Soundbar 
  • From your TV, go to setting, under audio setting change the audio output setting from TV to audio system

Below is how to connect your Sony Soundbar with your Samsung TV with each of the connection method. 

Sync Your Sony Soundbar With Your Samsung TV Using Hdmi (Arc)

  • Connect one end of your HDMI cable to the port that indicate HDMI IN (ARC) on your TV
  • The other end of the HDMI cable, connect it to the port that indicate TV OUT (ARC) on your Soundbar. 

That’s all, you have the devices set up already. 

HDMI and Optical Digital Audio Cable Connection

  • Take one end of the HDMI cable and connect it to the port that indicate HDMI IN port on your TV. 
  • Fix the other end of the HDMI cable and connect it to the port that indicate TV OUT (ARC) on your Soundbar 
  • Once it’s connected, connect the optical audio cable on your TV to the port that indicate “Optical digital audio out” to “Optical IN” indicated on your Soundbar. This connection is expedient to enable the audio function of the TV. 

Optical Digital Audio Cable Connection Only

Connecting with only Optical digital audio cable, there are some function that won’t well. There are some functions that works well with the HDMI connection only, such function includes the volume control and power interlock. These function won’t work with only optical digital audio cable. 

Here’s the connection process

  • From your TV “Optical digital audio out” port, connect the optical audio cable and fix it to the port that indicate “OPTICAL IN” port on your Soundbar. 
  • Peradventure you connect some other device to the HDMI IN port indicated on your Soundbar, the audio function will work well but videos will not be displayed on your TV. To enable Video on your TV, connect the device to your TV rather than on your Soundbar. 

Connecting an external device to your Soundbar before connecting to your TV

  • On the HDMI IN port on your TV, connect your external device via the HDMI cable. 
  • With the aid of an optical cable, you can then connect the external device to your Soundbar. 

How to Link Your Sony Soundbar to Your TV via Bluetooth

  • Turn on your TV 
  • On your TV remote controller, press the “Home” button 
  • Then, click “Settings” > “Bluetooth settings” 
  • Click on “Add device”. The Bluetooth that are available will be displayed. 
  • Then, click on the Soundbar from the pairing devices/option displayed

Hdmi vs Optical Digital Audio for Your Soundbar Connection

The two most commonly used connection for audio system is HDMI or Optical digital audio connection. Nevertheless, HDMI is the most preferred. Below are the similarities and differences of the two connection method. 


Both HDMI and Optical digital audio transmit audio from one device to another and they are always being preferred to analog (cable that comes in red and white). Additionally, both can also pass multi-channel audio just like the Dolby Digital. 


  • HDMI is different in its operation when compared to Optical digital audio in that it has the capacity of passing higher resolution audio. Interestingly, the higher resolution audio passed by HDMI also includes the format that comes with Blu-ray, DTS HD Master Audio and also Dolby TrueHD. These transmissions can’t be possible on Optical. 
  • HDMI works simply by also passing video signals. It is the best option to go for when using just a single cable for two devices. 

Take Away From This Article

This article has been able to expose you to how to Connect your Sony Soundbar to your Samsung TV. Simply, you can also sync the two devices by using the ARC port on your TV and the HDMI OUT on your Soundbar. Connect the HDMI cable to the port that indicate “HDMI OUT” on your Sony Soundbar and then connect it to the “HDMI ARC” jack on your Samsung TV. Go to your TV setting and click AnyNet+ and also, enable the Auto turn Off to YES, the setting will enable the sound function. On your Soundbar, ensure that you enable HDMI (CEC).  With the connection, you can be able to control your Samsung TV and Soundbar to either turn the devices on or off using your Samsung TV remote only. 

Moreover, there are some settings that won’t work with the single remote such as sound mode (music, movie) or the subwoofer bass volume as these can only be controlled by your Sony Soundbar remote controller alone. You have got nothing to worry about, you still have your Soundbar and TV in control with the power on and off function coupled with the volume which is being controlled by the single remote. 

Note: The ARC (Audio Return Channel) function will go off anytime the AnyNet+ is off. 

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