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Can i Use Nest Thermostat in My Apartment

To Answer your question. Yes, you can install Nest Thermostat in your apartment. But you need to take permission from your land lord permission in order to avoid huge fines while vacating your current apartment. Installing thermostat is completely depends on the land lord whether they will allow or not to install the nest thermostat in your apartment.

Nest thermostat has very good features. It will automatically controls the temperature, the coolest thing I do when I am in travelling and coming back. While driving in the car, I will just say, Hey Google, Set the home temperature to 70 and it does. And my home is at the right temperature when I reach home and the other thing about nest thermostat is you can change the temperature sitting in your couch and giving a command to your Google assistant from your Google TV remote. What a cool feature this is.

Voice Assistant and Nest Thermostat:

You can use voice assistant like google Assistant, Alexa and Siri to control the nest thermostat. Connect your nest thermostat to Google Home. All you need to say is Hey Google, can you set the temperate to 70 and it change the temperate right away to 70F, and it’s the most easiest way that you can control you nest thermostat.

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You can ask different questions to google on Thermostat, Some of them are below.

  • Hey Google, What the temperature inside.
  • Hey Google, Make it cooler.
  • Hey Google, set the temperate to 75

If you happen to be a tenant, you are going to be faced with several challenges. Many of these challenges have to do with the facilities in your apartment, with a good example being the thermostat.

In many cases, the thermostat in place is often too old, does not work properly and simply wastes your money.

What should be the real question here is actually if the homeowner or landlord is going to allow you to get the installation done.

Although what happens in most instances is that the landlord will give you the go-ahead, it is good that you confirm first before proceeding with the installation.

Archaic and malfunctioning thermostats lead to a huge loss of energy meaning more costs. This is because the readings are often incorrect.

Whenever this happens, the thermostat works abnormally and this makes it more difficult to get the apartment heated or cooled. This, in the end, leads to a spike in the energy costs.

Also, this can lead to your HVAC system at a constant temperature every hour of the day, even when there is no inhabitant in the apartment.

This is all in a bid to make sure that the home is heated or cooled to the right temperature but this can also pile up the electricity bill.

Another option is to fix the setting of the thermostat to a lower temperature but you will have to cope with waking up or getting home and having to increase the setting of the thermostat and waiting for hours for the temperature to stabilize.

As this continues over time, you will begin to imagine if it is even possible to get the installation of a Nest thermostat done.

Usually, the reason for doing the installation is to help you properly manage the temperature of your apartment, particularly when you are not around.

Nest thermostats are ideal in this regard because they can assist in the management of the temperature of your apartment by learning and getting to adapt itself to the usage of energy.

It learns the pattern of energy usage with a view to reducing the amount of energy that is lost to wastage. This, it does, while simultaneously maintaining the level of comfort of your apartment.

This device is so smart that it can even familiarize itself with your schedule when you are not at home and then switch to the regular settings once you are home.

The Nest thermostat also works seamlessly with the smartphone. This allows you to keep an eye on and also regulate the temperature of your apartment.

All these actions are possible even while you are not at home but you receive updates on your phone in the form of notifications.

Is It Possible to Install a Nest Thermostat in a Home?

Even though there is really nothing preventing you from fixing a Nest thermostat and getting it to work in your home, caution has to be applied.

While you may not see any big deal about it, your homeowner or landlord can have serious reservations about fixing or installing things in the apartment.

For this apparent reason, the first thing to do is to get across to your landlord and ensure that the landlord gives very clear approval and is fine with the installation.

In addition to this, before fixing a Nest thermostat in the home, there is the need to remove the old thermostat and then link the Nest thermostat to the present wiring. However, it is important to state at this point that this step can only and must only be taken by those who have the needed experience when it comes to electrical wiring.

As a matter of fact, even though the wires that are from the thermostat are usually tiny, they can still electrocute the person trying to fix it if not handled with caution.

So, if it so happens that your landlord agrees that you can go ahead and do the installation of the Nest thermostat in your home, there will usually be a condition.

This condition is that you are expected to move out of the new Nest thermostat and return the old thermostat whenever the time comes for you to vacate the apartment.

What this means is that when your rent expires, the apartment has to be left intact just exactly as you were given the place initially.

Hence, you have to remove the Nest thermostat so that there will be no extra charges for the replacement of the old thermostat.

This is a very crucial step and one that you need to put in mind whenever your landlord agrees that you can go ahead with the replacement.

You also need to remember at all times that even with your landlord agreeing to the installment, he can still replace the old thermostat for any reason he deems fit.

For instance, if he does not find the new Nest thermostat most ideal, then he has the authority to get a replacement done based on his own specifications.

How Is the Installation of Nest Thermostat Done?

Here is one of the most important sections of this piece. The installation of a Nest thermostat actually is easy and can be done quickly just by following the outlined steps.

But, you should be aware of the fact that if the thermostat you are using has a big 120V or 240V wiring, you should not connect such to the Nest thermostat.

This is because the voltage at the level is too high for the system and can damage the entire circuitry. That said, here are the steps to be taken when it is time to do the installation of the Nest thermostat.

  1. Close off the circuit breaker feeding the thermostat.
  2. Name the old wires to align with the similar wires on the Nest thermostat.
  3. Take very good care to dismantle the old thermostat.
  4. Put the wires across the center of the base plate on the Nest thermostat and point out the areas of the screw openings.
  5. Fix the Nest Box trim plate so it will be with the base plate.
  6. Fix the Nest base on the wall. This is typically done using screws and screwdrivers.
  7. Link up the matching wires to the Nest thermostat.
  8. Fix the Nest thermostat display set.
  9. Return to the circuit breaker and turn it on.
  10. Check out the new Nest thermostat to ensure it works well.

 One other thing that you can also do in this regard is to tell the landlord if it is possible that he can get someone to do the installation and all you have to do is to purchase it.

This way, if the landlord is the one who gets the person to fix the Nest thermostat in place, it is going to be done properly and you will also get yourself covered properly.

To stress, you should also get yourself ready for the removal of the new Nest thermostat and putting the old one in place whenever you are leaving the apartment.

What Other Intelligent Devices Can You Install in Your Home?

For those who may not be able to make use of the Nest thermostat for one reason or the other, you have nothing to worry about. This is because there are still other options that you can make use of for the management of home temperature.

You can make the best use of these devices in a way that you will make efficient use of your money and you can also control these devices by using your smartphones. In the sections below, these devices are going to be discussed.

HoneyWell Smart Thermostat

This is a smart window air conditioning unit that observes your pattern of temperature settings and swiftly knows exactly how to heat or cool your home whenever you are not around. As a smart device, it quickly adjusts to and learns your regular habits on a day-to-day basis.

It can also shut down or come on depending on where you are. You can also check and assess the level of energy use and this is one good way to reduce electricity bills and minimize wastage.

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Digital Temperature

KKmoon brand has tiny pods that link to the air conditioner and are then in turn controlled by a system that hooks to and is dependent on the router. This allows for flawless control by using the smartphone.

With the aid of this hardware, it becomes easy for you to control your set so it can be in sync with your schedule, all this can be done using the smartphone.

Most of the new apartments are coming up with the nest thermostats in built in the apartment. If you are changing apartment consider moving to new apartments. Always new apartments comes up with new facilities and a lot of smart things in built which will be a great advantage.

One of the best feature that I like about nest thermostat is you can simply say in your android phone or any google speakers that are available in your home. Hey google set the temperature to 65, it sets it on the fly. Isn’t it cool!

If you are living in newer apartments there are some apartment companies building smart plugs inbuilt which will be a cool feature that you should consider before taking a new apartment as this helps to control more things with just voice.

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