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Can Portal TV Be Used as Webcam

To answer your question, you can’t use portal TV as Webcam, but you can join zoom and GoToMeeting right from your tv, connecting portal TV to your Laptop or your PC might not be possible as both run different platform and it has their own operating system. if you want a webcam in cheap price with high quality, NEXIGO is the best webcam that you can use and its better than Logitech webcams.

We personally use Portal TV to attend zoom meetings, WhatsApp and messenger video calls, but other than that its not quite useful if you want to attend other meetings like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, It will take sometime to get all these apps to portal tv.

As more people buy Portal TV the demand grows and the app database for Portal TV grows. We already have many apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Portal TV fans are growing due to its features of calling WhatsApp and Facebook users from the TV. Here are some of the very cool features you need to use while using Portal TV.

Effects in Your Portal TV

Have you used effects features in your video calls, this is one of the good and funny features that you can use with Facebook portal

Stories in Your Portal TV

Stories are also the best feature you can use with your Portal TV for all of your video calls like WhatsApp, messenger etc.

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