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Is Google TV Same as YouTube TV

In this article, you will learn the difference between Google TV and YouTube TV. Google continues to release multiple devices and apps for users and it can be a little bit confusing trying to understand the spec and features of their devices, as well as what they have to offer.

Google TV is a device and its an upgraded version of Chromecast and Android TV that you can plug into your TV. It is popularly known as Chromecast with Google TV. YouTube TV on the other hand is an app that you can install, to serve as a replacement to your cable connection to watch different channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, sports channels like ESPN, and news channels like Fox, MSNBC, CNN.

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Difference Between Google TV and YouTube TV

Google TVYouTube TV
Its a TV stick like Firestick and RokuIt’s a TV app that you can install on your smart TV to watch different channels. you can install YouTube TV app in roku, fire tv stick, apple tv etc.
It costs a one-time payment of $49.99It costs a monthly subscription of $64.99
It’s a replacement for your smart TV that you can plug to HDMI portIt’s a replacement for your cables like Direct TV and Dish Network.
Competitors are Amazon Firestick, Roku TV StickCompetitors are Hulu TV, Sling, Direct Now
Google TV also has an app that you can install on your mobiles, tabletsYou can install the YouTube TV app on your mobile, tablets and you can watch while travelling.
It’s an upgraded version of Chromecast and Android TV and it comes with the remoteYou can record as many programs as you want without ever running out of space.

What Then Is Android TV?

If you had to guess the name, then you’d probably say it has to do with Android Operating System (OS) on mobile phones, and you are not wrong. The only difference here is that Android TV, which is Google’s OS has been specifically configured for TVs rather than mobile phones.

Android TV focuses on discovering and delivering content you enjoy. How? By making use of your subscription information, as well as information from your personal media collection. Android TV was first released in June 2014 for television sets. Major brands like Sony, Sharp, TCL, and Philips have released smart TVs with Android TV OS.

Google TV is the upgraded version of Android TV. Google redesigned the Android TV interface, to bring Google TV.

Difference Between Google TV and Android TV

Google TVAndroid TV
Google TV is an upgraded version of Android TV, soon TVs will get this new interface appear on Android TVsAndroid TV is an Operating System and not just an improvised, upgraded interface made for users
Google TV is an interface on Android TV and not a smart TV per seAndroid TV is Google’s current smart TV and media streaming platform
Google TV goes beyond just cataloging apps and services. It is a user-specific interface that adds content by profiling user experience and its AI suggestions. Android TV offers content based on information gathered on each user, including subscriptions, and personal media collections.
Google TV currently runs on Android 10+.Android TV currently runs on Android 9.
It is yet to be added to all devices with Android TV. For now, you can only get Google TV on the new Chromecast.It still powers various specs of smart TVs, set-top boxes, and media streaming services.

One of my favorite Google TV features is that it tells you what the trending movies and shows that people are searching in Google, and displays them on your home tv screen.

Difference Between YouTube TV and YouTube Premium

YouTube TVYouTube Premium
YouTube TV is a paid membership service that offers the same content as would your cable. YouTube Premium is the paid membership of YouTube where you enjoy watching YouTube without any Ads.
YouTube TV brings to you live TV from popular cable networks, popular shows from TV creators, major broadcasts as well as premium networks.YouTube Premium brings to you an upgraded steady experience across your favorite YouTube platforms, from YouTube to YouTube Music, from YouTube Gaming to YouTube Kids.
Though it has YouTube original content available to users, however, its contents are not ads-free and it does not offer exclusive content.YouTube Premium offers ads-free exclusive content from popular YouTubers.

Difference Between Google TV and Chromecast

Google TVChromecast
Google TV has multiple Apps that you can install on your Device and you can start watching different streaming services.In a sense, Chromecast doesn’t have apps, what it does however is to rely on the streaming services of apps operated on your phone, and supported by Chromecast.
The new Google TV comes with remote control, that can be controlled by voice command and can perform the basic task for your smart TV that a smart TV remote would. Like turn on or off your TV or adjust the TV volume.Chromecast doesn’t have remote, you need to depend completely on your mobile or tablet to cast the movies or shows.
Google TV has got an interface that gives you the feel of your regular smart TV.Chromecast does not have any interface for navigation. It waits to receive and display content as received from another device.

Difference Between Google TV, Fire TV, And Roku

Google TVFire TVRoku
Google has only one media streaming device, the Chromecast Google TV. This device is still under $50. Amazon FireTV stick allows you to choose from the three different tiny TV sticks it offers, all under $50.Roku offers three available streamers all under $50
Google TV is Android TV’s new interface, implying that it has got all the apps and features available on the Android TV device. Though the fireTV’s platform is based on Android, it has been developed and refined to be distinct from Android, and the new Google TV front-end.Roku’s OS, unlike Google TV and FireTV which both use Android, is not built on smartphones, rather it is structurally built on TV.
Its new in the market and it takes time to get all the features that Firestick has.Google play services are not available on fireTV.Roku offers loads of apps, thousands of channels, and nearly all major services, including Apple TV, Google Play services, and Prime Video.
It makes use of Google assistant as its voice assistant.Its voice assistant is Alexa, but it is not as simple to use compared to Google assistant.Though Roku has remotes and devices with microphones that are voice-controlled, however, it can only be used for playback control and searching of content. When it comes to a fully functional voice control like Alexa, or Google assistant, Roku lacks such.

Difference Between YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, Spectrum

YouTube TVHulu Live TVSling TVSpectrum TV
YouTube subscription costs $64.99 monthly. This spike in price was due to price adjustment, with $15 added around June of 2020.Hulu Live TV now costs the same as YouTube TV when it implemented its price increase of $10. This was done around December 2020.Sling TV is still on the economical side, with a monthly subscription fee of under $40.Spectrum TV costs less than $60 for its monthly subscription
On channels available, YouTube TV takes the lead with over 85 channels.Hulu Live TV takes the next rating on this list, with more than 74 channels available on the TV.Sling TV can boast of more than 30 channels available on its TV.It offers over 91 channels. However, there is a catch. You get to pay separately for the Digital converter. There are Broadcast TV and Sports programming surcharge, taxes, HD set-top box rental fee, and other fee charges.
YouTube TV offers six different log-in accounts, with three concurrent streaming.Hulu live TV offers six log-in profiles as well, but only two concurrent streaming.With Sling TV, the entry package offers one stream at a time. However, there are other packages you could upgrade to that have a higher number of concurrent streaming.Spectrum has apps that allow you to watch live and on-demand content, however, most channels are restricted when you are away from home.
YouTube TV is inclusive of a cloud-based DVR that offers unlimited storage, up to 9 months.Hulu live TV, like Sling TV, offers a storage limit of up to 50hours, with a room for an upgrade to 200 hours at an added cost.For its standard package, sling TV offers cloud-based storage for up to 50hours. This can be upgraded for an additional fee.Spectrum offers a DVR option with HD boxes, but not without a monthly fee/charge.

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Frequently Asked Question And Answers

How Can I Get Google TV App For Free?

You can install the Google TV app for free on your mobile phone or tablet. The Google TV app is a new version of the Google Play Movies and TV app. If you have automatic app updates turned on, then chances are you already have it. However, to update it, go to Google Play Store> Search for Google Play Movies and TV app> Tap update > Once finished, you will get the Google TV app.

How Can I Get Chromecast With Google TV For Free?

You can’t get Chromecast with Google TV for Free, but you might get it in good offer, Google and Netflix running an offer together. Checkout here

What Channels Or Apps Are Available In Google TV?

You can install most of the major apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, ABC, FOX, etc. Here is the link that you can use to see the list of channels and apps that Google TV supports.

What Is The Best Alternative To YouTube TV?

Hulu TV and Sling TV are the best alternatives to YouTube TV.

What Devices Are Compatible With YouTube TV?

To get the full list of compatible TV devices with YouTube TV, visit the YouTube TV Supported Devices page.

Is Google TV Available Only For Google Products?

Currently, Google TV is limited to the new Chromecast. However, Google is planning on extending the Google TV experience to more Android TV-compatible devices, including those made by their OEM partners.

Can I Record Shows With YouTube TV?

Sure you can! YouTube TV has a cloud-based DVR that allows you to record shows. You can simultaneously record multiple shows to be watched later on. This feature also allows the skipping of commercials while watching recorded shows.
Storage is unlimited with the Cloud DVR and recorded shows can stay for up to nine months before being erased.

What Channels Do I Get With YouTube TV?

You get to watch YouTube Originals with YouTube TV. YouTube Originals are shows and movies that were only available previously to YouTube Red subscribers. Available also are over 85 Channels to choose from. Here is a link to view the comprehensive channel list from YouTube TV.

Can I Get YouTube TV Outside Of The United States?

As is always the case with TV steaming services from Google, YouTube TV is currently only available in the US. To launch their TV streaming services in other countries, they would have to secure that county’s streaming rights. This is why the focus is on the US currently.

How Do I Cancel My YouTube TV Membership?

Do you need to cancel or pause your YouTube TV membership? No problem. You can do so either on your YouTube TV app or on your computer. Visit Google Support Page to learn more.

The Take Away

Google TV and YouTube TV are completely different products. Google TV is a device that Google sells, the other one is Cable TV replacement. But be informed without the internet you cannot watch YouTube TV.

So what’s your favorite TV Stick device, and which cable provider are you using? Are you thinking of cutting the cord soon? I am personally using Amazon Firestick in my Living room and Google TV in my bedroom. Google TV doesn’t have the feature to control how much TV my kids watch. I am hoping Google will come up with this feature soon that allows for parental control.

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3 thoughts on “Is Google TV Same as YouTube TV”

  1. The article incorrectly states that “Google TV is a device.” Google TV is an app in the Google Play Store, as the article’s FAQ correctly explains. Chromecast is a streaming device that plugs in to the TV’s HDMI port and runs the Google TV app. The Google TV app also runs on other streaming devices, such as Amazon Fire Stick and Roku.

    TL;DR: Google TV is an app (software). Chromecast is a device (hardware).

    • Hello Fred, Google TV has released a device called Google TV with Chromecast, its the same interface that you see in your mobile app. Hope this helps to resolve your issue.


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