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Do You Need a Smart Plug For Every Device?

 Each day we struggle with routines, shuffling between household chores and work schedules. What is the foremost thing you do in the morning? Perhaps you like to enjoy a cup of tea or milkshake? How do you enjoy a peaceful moment while using your devices? Instead of getting out of bed and risking barely-conscious accidents, you may employ a smart plug to switch your devices on for you. This would get you enough time to concentrate on your appearance and that of your family if you have any.

Smart plugs are about the size of a plugin night light. They have a three-prong plug and sit between an electrical outlet and the appliance you are plugging in. Smart plugs help you control anything plugged into the wall from your phone using an app. Meaning you can control your house appliances even when you are not there. Interesting! Isn’t it?

No doubt, many have come across smart plugs and power strips. However, some wonder if smart plugs are necessary for every device. 

Do you need a smart plug for every device? Yes, you need smart plug for each device. there are several appliances available and used in modern homes. Having a smart plug for each device is appropriate. You need not worry, all devices can be controlled from your mobile and It is automated. All that you require to be done is setting a timer for each or merely controlling their operations whenever you are with your phone.

 While you may control multiple devices with one plug using a multi-outlet or six outlets, it is more convenient to use different plugs for each appliance. 

A multi-outlet is an electric device that allows more than one plug to connect to a single socket by containing multiple similar sockets. Multi outlets may not cost more but could pose a safety risk. An overloaded power outlet can cause a tripped circuit breaker, increase your risk for electrocution, or start a fire. They pull too much power. If you do not want to buy ‘ten’ smart plugs, you can always plug an appliance at a time to a smart plug. It is safer but having smart plugs for each device allows you the space your home deserves. You do not have to cluster devices to share a plug. Imagine having your hairdryer, microwave, water dispenser in the same place. Too good. Would it? Absolutely not.

Most smart plugs work with an electronic device that has a mechanical switch. Of course, most modern devices support smart plugs. A quick way to find out if your device would support smart plugs is by turning it on, unplugging it while still on, and then plugging it back in. If it automatically turns back on, then it would work with a smart outlet. The bottom line is, you need a smart plug for every device.

Is It Worth Buying Smart Plug for Every Decvice?

Smart plugs are worth buying. Its benefits can not be exhausted. Internet connectivity, home systems, and gadgets enabling remote management have helped improve our way of life. Still, smart plugs are where it starts. 

Consider some reasons why you need to key into smart plugs:

 Device Charging

 Daily, we charge our mobiles, tablets, laptops, and other devices at home. At times, we overcharge these devices, which can damage the battery or reduce its life span. Using smart plugs in union with your chargers permits you to set the quantity of charging time needed, eliminating the risks associated with overcharging while also saving electricity.

Pet Feeder

Having a pet could be cool, and caring for them even when you are away is cooler. You can feed your pet remotely by plugging the power adapter into a smart plug. This will ensure that your pet always gets the right quantity of nutrition.

Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are probably dangerous if left unsupervised, with the risk of starting house fires. A smart plug permits you to turn the dryer off from a distance if you forget before leaving your home, or want to give your clothes some extra time to dry. You could also schedule the smart plug only to turn on when electricity rates are lower.


While at home, our hands could be messy, and we may need to get things done in the kitchen. By using smart plugs and a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant, you can get the kettle boiling. The induction hob turned on/off, microwave turned on/off, and more without using your hands.

Entertainment Systems

Every living room has a TV and other entertainment devices like DVD players, set-top boxes, and sound systems. Typically, all the wiring and plugs are concealed somewhere out of view, and probably hard to reach. This brings up the temptation to leave these devices always on in standby mode even when they are not being used. A smart plug or smart power strip eliminates this temptation, allowing you to turn off these devices quickly or automatically when they are not required.

Air Conditioner

A smart plug permits you to turn on your air conditioner remotely, meaning you can get the house at a pleasantly cold temperature before you get home on a hot day. It can also assist you in running your AC more efficiently, as you will be able to turn it off from a distance when you’re out of the home or in a different room.


Later in the day or while watching a movie, it can be much cozier with a lamp on rather than the leading lights. Utilizing a smart plug and a smart home assistant like Alexa, you can turn the lamp on/off using a voice command or mobile app.

Electric Blankets

While an electric blanket on a freezing winter’s night is a fantastic way to keep you warm, you may not desire to keep it on all night. Instead of waking up sweating the middle of the night, make use of a smart plug to set how long the electric blanket stays on for beforehand.

 If you are a guardian or a parent, you will love to monitor the activities of your kids when you are not physically present. Smart plugs can be very helpful in their bedroom, which is another reason why you would need a smart plug for every device. You can think of how uncomfortable it would be to connect their TV set to your outlet, probably in the sitting room. You can set the precise amount of time your kids spend on their Television and games and make sure everything is switched off by bedtime.

Some kids are afraid of the dark. If you have a child who is, you may likely get a night light. This would provide a source of comfort to them. A smart plug would help you schedule when the night light goes on and off, saving you the stress of making the ‘journey’ to their rooms.

 Smart plugs are viable tools in the office, especially one with multiple monitors, a printer, a speaker system, and other devices.  These devices are usually on standby mode, which costs money that could be saved. You are right. A good solution would be smart plugs. You could use a standard power strip plugged into a smart plug. Then you would be able to turn off the devices when you are not in the office.

Advanced smart plugs can measure power consumption and highlight ways to save money by reducing electricity usage. 

 It may also appeal to you to know that smart plugs can be creative. You would agree that most burglaries happen when people are not at home, and there is no activity in the house. Since most burglars tend to avoid breaking into homes and stumbling into people, you could create an illusion that you are at home. You can play with your lights remotely, turning them on and off, turning your music speakers on and off. Interesting. Isn’t it? If you have quiet kids in the house and would not want burglars stumbling into them and causing fright or harm, you could also use it. It would keep burglars off your home, making you a smart parent.

It does not need much money to get smart plugs. Most smart plugs are pocket friendly, and you can get them on Amazon.

Consider Buying Cheaper Brand Smart Plugs

According to a 12-month analysis of price trends, a basic smart plug costs approximately $15. Those same WiFi plugs cost around $9 while on sale: an average discount of 40%. Kasa Smart WiFi plug costs about $13. On Amazon, you can get, Smart Things WiFi smart plug for $16, TP-link Kasa smart WiFi smart plug mini for $14, and a host of others. The Wemo WiFi Smart Plug, which can be considered best for the home kit, costs $25 at Belkin.

Does Your Smart Plug Work Away From Home?

A unique feature of smart plugs is its ability to operate remotely. If you have a smart plug or a considering buying, it is vital to get one that works away from home.

Most smart plugs, especially Alexa or Google Home enabled, will work when you are away from home. However, some smart plugs require a separate hub to work, while others require that you are connected to the same WiFi system as your smart plug. Before getting a smart plug, ensure your devices make use of a mechanical switch. You may do this by unplugging the device, waiting for a short time, and plugging it back in. If the device does not start functioning and instead requires you to press an ‘on’ switch, you will not control it with a smart plug.

Always get a smart plug that natively supports away from home automation. Tony, a TP-LINK staff, suggested using a TP-Link’s Kasa range, which supports away from home operation immediately your Kasa account has been set up.

Other smart plugs support you away from home. Though it can take you some time to research what would work for you in terms of cost and automation, it is worth it. You can contact the customer care to be sure before any purchase.

Remember,  smart plugs make you smarter, and your devices need them.

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