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How Loud is Sonos One

The very first smart speaker by Sonos, Sonos One, made quite a good reputation in the market. 

Its clean design makes this device so appealing that it can easily adjust anywhere in your room. 

Sonos One is rich with features. The presence of all best smart assistants, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, made this device a hot favorite product in 2019.

How Loud is Sonos One? To answer your question Sonos one is designed to be used in a single room or living room, the loudness is near to the human talking range which is 65 DB(Decibels), you can place this speaker comfortably in your living room for having regular conversations with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.

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Sonos one didnt give us the watts of the speaker, but based on the decibels we calculcated Sonos one is 90 kW(Kilo Watts) Speaker.

If you are looking for something to your big garden, or restaurant patio etc. this is the not the right speaker. The loudness is low

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What Is It Worth For?

The most in-demand speaker of the time, Sonos One, will not confuse you to choose between smart features and sound quality. So you don’t have to sacrifice one of them.

Touch-sensitive buttons, easy to set up, outstanding sound quality and Sonos smart app, it has all those characteristics that a music lover demands in his smart speaker.

What Is It Not Worth It For?

There are not many bad things about Sonos One, but it doesn’t mean at all that there are no imperfections in it.

The very first pitfall is the price value which Sonos demands for One. Buying the Sonos One will cost you $299.99 and it’s a bit high.

In this price tag, many other alternatives are available in the market.

Switching between voice assistants is not functional here, Alexa is in command here.

For switching voice assistants, you have to run the setup every time.

Coming towards the connectivity, Sonos One does not have the Bluetooth option. So the connectivity is limited here.

The Bottom Line

Having some limitations, Sonos One is still the smartest and the stylish speaker available in the market.

It has price issues but still the smart features and the sound quality which it provides are worth buying.

And the triple voice recognition system is rarely available in any other device in this price tag.

Sonos One Official Video

How It Changes Your Daily Life.

Being a smart speaker, Sonos One will bring a lot of change in your life. Alexa is vigilant enough to follow your command even across the rooms.

If you are a Google person, then Google Assistant will help assist you in finding your favorite music tracks. 

Showing off will become your habit, you can arrange music parties with your friends at your home to enjoy high bass lyrics.

What else? If you are an Apple caged person, then Airplay2 is also intact within Sonos One so that you can have the pleasure of listening to music from your iPhone music libraries too.

Sonos One can also be used as a surround speaker or a subwoofer with Sonos Playbase, Playbar, or Sonos Beam. 

Is This A Smart Speaker?

Yes, it is a smart speaker and it will not be worthless to say that it’s the most stylish speaker available in the market. 

And the reason for that is the trinity of voice assistants, which are explored underneath;

Google Assistant:

Just like Sonos devices, One also has built-in Google Assistant to obey your commands. You just have to say  “Hey! Google,” prior to your command and you will see it will be fulfilled in no time. 


As discussed before, Sonos One has compatibility with Alexa too. Alexa is quite efficient in sorting out your music libraries. Now, playing and finding your most favorite music tracks over the internet is just a snap away.


Surprisingly, One has integration with Siri too, so you don’t have to buy any other device to get your Apple device with your smart speakers. You can have pleasure listening to music over the iMusic or TuneIn Radio.

Alternatives for Sonos One

There are many alternatives to Sonos One available in the market presently. Some of them are going to be discussed underneath;

Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker


  • The sound quality of this smart speaker is awe-inspiring and outstanding.
  • It can be paired with other Echo Studio if you have two sets in your home.
  • The Studio has compatibility with various online music streaming apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, etc.
  • If paired with any TV device, you will experience the sound like a Dolby Atmos home theatre.
  • As it’s an Amazon product, Alexa is accessible.
  • Echo Studio can automatically adjust the audio according to your room size.
  • The price is also quite affordable.


  • The body size of the Echo Studio is quite large. So you may feel it more substantial.
  • Non-availability of Z-wave makes Echo Studio a bit sluggish as a Smart Home Hub.
  • Amazon Music subscription is inevitable if you want to have the pleasure of 3D audio.

JBL Link 500 Voice Activated Powered Speaker


  • JBL Link 500 has excellent sound quality while having a small size.
  • It has 0% voice distortion even while playing great bass soundtracks.
  • It has decent size and will suit your bookshelf.
  • Quite a good pairing with other JBL devices, so you can enjoy the multi-room connection.
  • It’s fun to use this device. You will not get bored of it.


  • JBL Link is not a water-resistant or waterproof device.
  • Auxiliary USB and link-in jacks are also unavailable.
  • It does not have compatibility with Connect+.
  • Wi-Fi always-on display light may irritate you.
  • JBL Link box doesn’t contain any instructional manual or user guide.

Harman Kardon Allure Portable Speaker with Alexa


  • The body design of Harman Kardon Allure is amazingly structured.
  • With a classy design, it has a loud and punchy sound on high bass tracks.
  • It has a sub woofer for better sound quality.
  • It has built-in Alexa voice control to perform tasks on voice recognition.
  • Online music streaming apps integration is also available.


  • The loud sound can sometimes produce distortion so that you may feel bass rattling sometimes.
  • The touch-sensitive buttons are not very responsive. 
  • You cannot control Spotify with Alexa, so you have to deal with it manually.
  • Setting up this speaker is a lengthy and complex process.
  • You may find other portable alternatives more fascinating.
  • The price of Allure, comparing to its features, is considerably higher.

Bose Home Speaker 300


  • Bose 300 has robust audio quality.
  • Power audio has rich bass depth and crisp on higher notes.
  • Bose 300 has compatibility with both most in use voice assistants, Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • All popular online streaming apps such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc  are also available here.
  • Airplay2 option is also available here so you can enjoy music on Apple iMusic or iHeart Radio.
  • Having an excellent sound, multi-speaker management is quite easy.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also available for grouping with other smart devices on board.
  • It also has six preset buttons and they are quite responsive.
  • The microphone of Bose 300 is also very sensitive, so Alexa can hear you across rooms.


  • Having outstanding sound quality, you may find some distortion on deep bass songs.
  • A negligible interruption can be detected while playing or pausing the soundtracks.
  • Bose 300 is limited in multi-room grouping to Bose 500, Bose Soundbar 500 and 700.
  • To experience a stereo performance, you can’t group two of Bose 300 together.
  • Pairing this speaker with the Bass Module is also inaccessible.
  • Comparing to other smart speakers, Bose 300 is slightly higher in price.

Sony – SRS-XB501G Wireless Speaker


  • Sony-SRS-XB510G is fantastic in sound quality.
  • The clarity of voice is outstanding and you will not feel any distortion while playing great bass songs.
  • The design is quite noticeable; it has LED lights filled front which let you know that Google is listening. The LED changes its colors while shuffling music.
  • The outfit is so well designed that it can suitably fit on your tabletop.
  • It has built-in Google Assistant to answer the query you have or to fulfill your music demands.
  • The front top is equipped with control buttons such as power, play, pause, volumes, battery info, live etc.
  • The pickup handle makes it quite comfortable to carry this smart speaker on beaches.
  • The battery timing is also remarkable; you can hear endless music on it.


  • Forward and rewind buttons are not available on the speaker itself.
  • For equalizer adjustment, you have to install the app.
  • Voice assistants sometimes get confused, as saying “Hey! Google” sometimes allows Alexa to perform the activities.


Besides all those alternatives, Sonos One holds quite a good reputation in the market for the phenomenal sound quality it provides.

It was already a good speaker when it was just offering Amazon’s Alexa. An addition to Alexa, the Google Assistant changed the game and real music lovers got an exceptional sounding device. 

If you find Echo and Google Home enough for your sounding needs, then Sonos One may not worth your investment. But if you want to shine with your music, then One will worth every penny of yours.

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