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is Sony SRS XB33 worth it

Is it Worth the Money?

The Sony SRS XB33 is another top of the shelf speaker from the Sony family. This product is portable and combines a stylish appearance with a top-notch sound experience. The Sony SRS XB33 comes with Sony’s trademark Extra Bass feature, giving it that deep, punchy sound, enhancing low-end tones, and boosting the bass. This product is also dust-proof, waterproof, and is washable. It can also withstand the shocks that occur during everyday usage. The Sony SRS XB33 comes with flashing lights to give you that party feel. The battery life is another strong selling point for this product as it can last for 24 hours and up to 14 hours when the lighting feature is on. This product has a speakerphone function making it ideal for use in conference calls for work or to chat with friends.

What is it Not Worth?

The speaker is pretty expensive compared to other similar products. The drop off in battery life due to speaker use in the Extra bass mode and the volume is at the maximum is significant (4 hours against 14 hours for a volume of 35). Another issue with this speaker is that not all computers are compatible for use in charging this device when the battery runs low.

Is This a Smart Speaker? 

This speaker is one of the smart speakers currently available in the market. It incorporates one of the most advanced devices to device communication systems present today, Near Field Communication (NFC). Near Field Communication saves users the hassle and time associated with setting up their device with the speaker. Simply touch your NFC- enabled device to the speaker, and you are good to go. The SONY SRS XB33 also has a Bluetooth for more standard connectivity, and its Bluetooth has a 98 ft range. This product is also compatible with Virtual assistants like Siri and Google assistant.

Battery Life?

One key feature of the Sony SRS XB33 is its battery life. This product has a rechargeable built-in Lithium-ion Battery. The manufacturer advised that this battery be charged for more than one hour before the speaker is powered. Charging the speaker will ensure that the integrity of the battery would not be compromised.

After the battery’s charge is complete, the battery life depends on the usage. The following applies to battery life.

  • It is capable of lasting for about 24 hours with a volume level of 36, and the sound effect is at STAMINA.
  • The battery lasts for 14 hours if the speaker’s volume level is at 35, the sound effect is at EXTRA BASS (factory default settings). The lighting function is turned on but still on factory default settings.
  • However, the battery lasts for 4 hours if the speaker’s volume level is at 50 (maximum); the sound effect is at EXTRA BASS (factory default settings). The lighting function is turned on but still on factory default settings.
  • Sony SRS XB33 Watts is 90 Watts and has a solid sound.

Water Proof?

Sony’s SRS XB33 Bluetooth Speaker has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IPX7. The speaker has undergone tests and is known to function effectively when gently submerged in water of depth 3.28ft and left in it for 30 minutes. The SONY SRS XB33 can be used at the pool or even at the beach without damage to the product. Although this product is washable, the manufacturer strongly advises that detergent, benzene, alcohol, or other similar products must not be in the agent or used as a cleaning agent in wiping dirt off the speaker’s surface.

Build Quality

Sony SRS XB33has a very portable design for the user. It utilizes the X-Balanced speaker unit, giving the speaker high sound quality for a richly rewarding sound experience. This compact speaker has different sound modes such as Clear Audio+, DSEE, LIVE SOUND, EXTRA BASS, and Stamina mode, with the EXTRA BASS mode popular with most users. Key features such as the size and weight ensure that this product can be carried around comfortably and not be a burden to the user. The dimensions of this product are as indicated below:

It has a width of 9.7″ (246 mm), a height of 3.8″ (97 mm) and a depth of 4.2″ (106mm)

As a product that comes from the Sony family, this speaker has a configuration to utilize the Sony Music Center app, giving users complete control over the speaker from the dance floor. Also, the user can select their favorite playlist, cue the next song, or change the speaker’s lighting pattern and sound mode. 

The Sony SRS XB33 also works with the Fiestable app, giving you total control over the lighting from your smartphone screen.

User Experiences:


A user from bestbuy.com had this to say about this particular speaker

The XB33 is very portable, but it does not disappoint in the sound quality. It has got three sound modes, but for me, the setting that sounds best is the Extra Bass mode. I enjoy listening to the speaker with the light show turned on as the synchronization of the music with the light show is a joy. I love this speaker. It’s just awesome to use and sounds great.

One user from amazon.com also had this to say about the speaker

It sounds pretty amazing, even at mid-levels. The device is also gorgeous. I purchased the blue color but was left amazed by the lighting feature of the speaker. The battery is everything the manufacturer says it is. The speaker was used all afternoon till early in the evening with the lighting active. However, the drop off was just 20%.


A user from bestbuy.com: As a result of the standard set with preceding speakers, I had high hopes for this one. However, although the nailed the design and finally switched to USB-C charging, they removed the AUX input present in other versions. The party chain option is also not available with this version. For me, sound is the most disappointing part. The speakers are physically more prominent, yet the overall tone and volume are lacking.

Alternatives for SONY SRS XB33


Price: $41.99


 2500mAh battery, 10 hour playback time, Hands-free calling, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm Aux Cable, IPX6 Waterproof.

As one of the leading manufacturers in sound technology, the MIATONE brand presents the Miatone Outdoor Portable speaker. The Miatone outdoor speaker prides itself as a portable Bluetooth speaker with a stylish appearance, giving your speaker that sleek look. It is also more price friendly, compared when compared with similar products. This product has a battery capable of lasting for up to 10 hours and is also waterproof.

This product is ultra-portable, weighing just 15.76 ounces (approx. 0.5kg).


● Price friendly compared with other similar products.

● For a speaker of size, it sounds incredible.

● Very portable.

● Sleek and stylish appearance.

User Experience


A User from Amazon.com: I am no stranger to MIATONE products, but this particular speaker is very user friendly as it is effortless to pair with my smartphone. The speakers are also loud and very clear for a speaker of this size. It is also light in weight, especially when compared to similar speakers.


A user from Amazon.com says                                                                           

The sound from this speaker is excellent, mainly when used at higher volumes. However, the battery does not last long. When I used the speaker at 50% volume, the speaker lasted for just 5 hours, not very long. Also, the Bluetooth does not penetrate through walls very well.

JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth speaker

Price: $79.90

JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Features: Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 3000mAh Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, supports Voice assistant integration such as Siri or Google now, Waterproof. A well-known brand in the sound market, JBL has over 60 years, expertise in professional sound reproduction. The JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth speaker comes with IPX7 Waterproof technology, protecting the speaker from rain or spills. 

This speaker has a battery life of 12 hours and has a result of JBL’s Bass radiator technology. It delivers an exceptionally crisp bass sound experience.

Users of the JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth speaker had this to say:

A user from amazon.com: While using the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker, I did not experience the same crack at maximum volume noticeable in some other similar speakers. It has one of the strongest basses of all the speakers I have used.

Another user on bestbuy.com: It is well worth the money. It has a lace so that you can hang the speaker while listening to it. The fact that you can connect more speakers would improve the sound experience. The battery of the SONY SRS XB33 also lasts for a long time.

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