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Waterproof Speakers For Shower

Why Is It Necessary? If you’re contemplating on getting an outdoor speaker, one major feature that you’ll possibly be attracted to apart from the sound is how best the Speaker can face the weather. Withstanding weather conditions will involve being dustproof, drop-proof, waterproof, and other built-in resistance to ensure it’s durability.

Waterproof or water-resistant speakers not only enhance a speaker’s durability but also makes the Speaker more versatile for use in different environments. So while some love to enjoy the uninterrupted play of music while taking a shower, others would find it pleasurable for use at the beachside or a pool party. Their durability should offer you satisfaction and value for your money.

Also, a smart speaker possessing the virtual assistant feature is feature-packed to enhance the listening pleasure of its user. These smart speakers have built-in virtual assistant features, like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri assistant. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best waterproof smart speakers available in the market right now. These speakers considered below are carefully selected based on being both categorized as smart speakers and water-resistant speakers. 

What To Know: Before we delve into identifying these waterproof smart speakers, it’s necessary for you to grab an understanding of the ratings used to measure the degree of a speaker exposure to water. These ratings are the IP ( which stands for Ingress Protection or, in some cases, International Protection) ratings. They provide information detailing the level of protection the Speaker possesses. Rather than grouping all speakers into a waterproof category, the evaluations help us understand the level of exposure protection that such equipment can withstand. Further information regarding the IP ratings is in the concluding section of this article.

Waterproof Speakers for Shower

Considered below are 16 best smart speakers available, built with materials that make them resistant to water. Most of the speakers below are IP7 rated. Though having lots of advantages as an IPX7 level device, it should not be subjected to extreme testing conditions as the other IP level measured speakers. Each level of rating has its unique attributes that might be absent in others. These best waterproof smart speakers below are arranged based on their descending IP ratings value. Here they are:

Waterproof Speakers:

  1. Anker SoundCore Flare S+
  2. Ultimate Ear’s MegaBlast Speakers
  3. Ultimate Ear’s Blast Speakers
  4. Altec Lansing SoundBucket XL
  5. Jbl link 10 Speaker
  6. Jbl Link 20 Speaker
  7. Sony SRS-XB402G
  8. Sony SRS-XB402M Speaker
  9. Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker
  10. Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker
  11. Sonos Move Speakers
  12. Sony XB501G
  13. Bose Soundlink Revolve
  14. Bose Portable Home Speaker.
  15. Bose SoundLink Revolve + Speaker
  16. Sony LF S50G Speaker

1. Speaker Name: Anker SoundCore Flare S+

Price: $129.99

Smart Speaker features: This smart Speaker comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, for streaming music over a wireless connection from Amazon Music and Spotify. Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant feature has an ever-growing range of skills. A 360-degree sound speaker that has LED lights playing along with the beat and promises about 16 hours long of battery life. 

Built with BassUp Technology, which is a customized digital signal processor, that can analyze and enhance your music bass frequencies quickly. The microphones have far-field voice recognition technology that quickly picks up your voice. Can power your mobile device too while playing.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. Therefore can be submerged under water of about 1m for at least 30 minutes without getting spoilt. It has watertight materials that prevent the ingress of water. So it guarantees you your peace of mind at any activity taking place around a water body. Either at the beach or poolside, you’re covered.

2. Speaker Name: Ultimate Ear’s MegaBlast Speakers

Price: $299.00


Smart speaker features: A portable 360-degree sound smart speaker, with Amazon’s Alexa feature built-in. Voice-controlled over a wireless connection to stream favorite music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and more. And Alexa’s crazy range of skills keeps growing. It boasts of battery life of up to 16 hours. It has a wireless charging base that allows continuous music to play even while docked. It can be paired with a blast to create a louder immersive sound.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. Seriously waterproof as it is durable and has water-resistant protective materials. They can be submerged underwater, having a depth of about 1m for up to 30 minutes. Other ultra-durable features include being drop and dustproof. They boast a dustproof protection level of 6. Therefore it can be taken along to the beach, forest, and just anywhere without fear of becoming damaged.

3. Speaker Name: Ultimate Ear’s Blast Speakers 

Price: $79.63

Smart speaker features: This is another Ultimate Ear’s durable portable Speaker, built-in with Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled assistant. Their smart assistant comes handy in setting the alarm, streaming music over a wireless connection, getting information on weather reports, controlling your smart home devices like locks, lights, smart plugs, and more features as made available with future updates.

 It provides a 12-hour long battery life. Paired with the megablast, it produces a louder immersive sound. Has a wireless charging cradle capable of allowing continuous music play while charging.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. It boasts of very high IP ratings of 7 for resisting water, and it can be submerged into water of 1m depth for up to 30 minutes without getting damaged. They are also dustproof as they have a level 6 protection against solid ingress. They have materials that make them drop-proof. So when knocked down unintentionally, they’re still good to go, no damage. 

4. Speaker Name: Altec Lansing SoundBucket XL

Price: $134.99

Smart Speaker Features: It has built-in dual virtual assistants in the form of Siri and Google voice assistants. Altec portable Bluetooth speaker is a speaker that comes with a Qi Wireless Charging Pad. Has a battery life of up to 20 hours long. Built with seven color combinations of LED lights to accompany music playing and can be used to fast charge other Qi-enabled smart devices. It can connect to 50 Qi-enabled speakers for a powerful effect.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. Designed with this level of protection against water also indicates that it’ll survive immersion underwater of 1m depth for up to 30 minutes. Other resistant features include a level 6 protection against solid ingress, meaning it’s dirt proof. Also, this Speaker is snow proof too.

5. Speaker Name: Jbl link 10 Speaker

Price: $179.95

Smart speaker features: A 360-degree sound speaker with built-in Chromecast and Google assistant feature, that’s capable of streaming via a wireless connection favorite music, radio or podcast from your smart mobile devices. Powered by a 4000mAH Li-ion battery that can provide up to 5 hours of play. 

Hands-free voice control built-in with Far-field voice recognition technology, to ensure voice commands are quickly received and carried out. It is possible to enjoy multi-room playback from the Google Home app across systems that are Chromecast built.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. It has water-resistant materials that enable it to be submerged in water, having a depth of up to 1m for about 30 minutes without getting damaged. Also, they are made with durable fabric materials, having a rugged rubber housing to withstand your adventures.

6. Speaker Name: Jbl Link 20 Speaker

Price: $229.95

Smart speaker features: Built-in Chromecast and Google assistant feature that readily comes handy with setting the alarm, provides weather and news reports, answer questions, stream music from Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, internet radio, and more. Built-in with a rechargeable Li-ion battery capacity of 6,000 mAH, promises music playtime of up to 10 hours. Supports Multi-room playback with compatible speakers that have Chromecast built-in. 

Waterproof Value: IPX7. As a level 7 rated speaker, protection against submersion at a depth of 1m for up to 30 minutes is certain. They are also made with durable fabric materials, having a rugged rubber housing to withstand your adventures.

7. Speaker Name: Sony SRS-XB402G

Price: $74.99


Smart Speaker features: Accompanied by a built-in Google Assistant feature. Over a wireless connection, services like streaming music, setting the alarm, news report, weather report, and more could be enjoyed. It has a battery life of approximately 12 hours. Possesses built-in lights, multi-colored line lights, and a flashing strobe that play in sync with the beats. Chromecast built-in feature enables seamless wireless pairing with other compatible speakers

Its built-in angled speaker units and Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) speaker cone, with innovative hybrid materials, help to optimize their performance by dispersing sound abroad, the front of the unit, and enhance vocal clarity without distortions.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. Fully waterproof to withstand water immersion of about 1m depth for up to 30 minutes. It has a level 6 protection against solid ingress too. So it is dustproof. 

It is entirely rustproof. So there should be no fears taking it close to saltwater. All these imply that it can be washed, brought to the forest, desert, beach, pool, and so on without it getting spoilt. They’re shockproof too, passing the test when dropped from 1.22m on a 5cm thickness plywood.

8. Speaker Name: Sony SRS-XB402M Speaker

Price: $264.05

Smart Speaker features: Developed with a built-in Amazon Alexa intelligent virtual assistant. The built-in Amazon Alexa intelligent virtual assistant enables you over a wireless connection to control your smart home, set the alarm, stream music from Amazon Music, Amazon Audible, DEEZER, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, TuneIn, and more. Accompanied by multi-colored line lights, built-in lights and a flash strobe light that plays in synchronization with your music. The battery life can last for approximately 12 hours.

Also, its built-in angled speaker units and Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) speaker cone, with innovative hybrid materials, help to optimize their performance by dispersing sound to broad areas, the front of the unit, and enhance vocal clarity without distortions.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. It has watertight materials that won’t cave in when subjected underwater of 1m depth for 30 minutes. This Speaker is washable. It is rustproof, and you don’t have to fear saltwater. 

Having a level 6 rating for solid ingress, it is dustproof. Not left out too is that it is shockproof, passing the test when dropped from 1.22m on a 5cm thickness plywood. Ultra-durable for various weather conditions and adventures.

9. Speaker Name: Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $

Smart Speaker features: Through the built-in omnidirectional microphones on your Speaker, you can now access Siri and Google assistant features from your phone. Capable of checking scores, weather reports, news, making calls, and streaming your favorite music. Possesses 40 hours of battery life and built with six speakers tilted upward, at an 8-degree angle, producing 360-degrees dynamic sound.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. A level 7 protection against water ingress assures that they’ll not get damaged on immersion underwater, having a 1m depth for up to 30 minutes. Also, they have a level 6 protection against solid particle ingress. They’re dustproof, mud proof, snow proof, and shockproof—a companion for any adventure.

10. Speaker Name: Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker

Price: $79.95

Smart speaker feature: Can access your phone’s Siri and Google voice assistants to stream music and provide helpful information regarding the weather, news, and more. It comes with 6 hours of battery life. The speakerphone enables hand-free clear, and less muffled calls.

Waterproof Value: IPX7 rated. This Speaker does not just rely on the makeup of its outer material to prevent water ingress. Instead, it was built with materials like silicon, to provide a seal around the inner components. It can withstand immersion of about 1m depth for approximately 30 minutes long.

11. Speaker Name: Sonos Move Speakers

Price: $399

Smart speaker features: This smart Speaker is built-in with dual virtual assistants of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. These assistants come handy with the information requested. Being voice-controlled through a wireless connection, they can stream music on Spotify, Pandora, and more. It comes with a battery life of up to 10 hours. It provides sounds that adapt to any space. And has its quick charging base, which increases its portability and providing cover against disappointing battery let-down.

Waterproof Value: IPX6 rated. Ultra-durable to withstand several weather conditions, the water-resistant level is not disappointing too. Although care should be taken not to submerge it in water for too long, it is also humidity, rain, salt spray, dust, snow, UV rays, and extreme heat or cold resistance.

12. Speaker Name: Sony XB501G 

Price: $85.99

Smart speaker features: Google assistant quick feature built-in to enable streaming of your music playlist, checking of traffic, weather, news, control your smart home devices, and more. It has DSP technology that disperses music to a broader area with extra bass sound quality. It also comes with speaker light, multi-colored line lights and a flashing strobe that synchronize to the music’s beat. 

Near Field Communication (NFC) feature makes it easy to stream your favorite playlist. It’s the battery that can last up to 16 hours. Chromecast built to enable a seamless connection with other speakers to play in sync. It is accompanied too with a tripod mounting hole to fit well on a tripod stand for better music experience.

Waterproof Value – IPX5 rated. Able to withstand splashes of water without getting spoilt. It should not be underwater wholly. It is rainproof and provides a level 6 protection against solid ingress too. Therefore, they are dustproof.

13. Speaker Name: Bose Soundlink Revolve 

Price: $199.00

Smart Speaker features: The Soundlink Revolve operates on dual virtual voice-controlled smart assistants of Siri and Google Assistant. Feature-packed with lots of necessary provisions to appeal to your listening delight. A 360-degree sound speaker that comes with about 12 hours of battery life meant for a full day’s listening. 

Enhancement of the Bose Soundlink Revolve speakerphone, for clear and less muffled calls. The Bose SimpleSync technology enables you to group a Bose Home Speaker with a Bose SoundLink to enjoy perfect music synchronization. They were designed too with a threaded universal mount that grants you the leisure of attaching it to a tripod stand.

Waterproof Value: IPX4 rated. Therefore can be subjected to splashes of water in any direction without damage. It can be used by the kitchen sink or even by the poolside. It sings in the rain. Submerging it underwater over some time can lead to it getting damaged because of its rating. It wasn’t built with watertight materials to withstand such and accompanied by bumpers having soft materials that grant you the pleasure of being bump worry-free.

14. Speaker Name: Bose Portable Home Speaker.

Price: 349.00

Smart speaker features: The Bose portable Home speaker has a built-in Google Assistant feature, which comes very handy in providing answers to questions asked. Through a wireless connection, it can stream favorite music from internet radio stations, podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, AirPlay 2, and more. Provides news report, send messages, set timers, add to your to-do-list, and control your smart home devices too. It’s always ready to help. 

Possesses lots of basses, a 12-hour long battery life, and a charging cradle for continuous play even while charging. It can be paired with another compatible family of Bose smart speakers to enjoy a louder music play in sync.

Waterproof Value: IPX4 rated. As a level 4 rated protection against water ingress, it can withstand splashes and spray of water. So it can sit comfortably next to the sink or poolside facing the resulting shower. It should not be submerged underwater because it has watertight materials meant for that purpose.

15. Speaker Name: Bose SoundLink Revolve + Speaker

Price: $299.95

Smart speaker feature: You are capable of accessing your phone’s Siri or Google Assistant right from the Speaker. It promises about 16 hours long play from its battery capacity. The Bose SoundLink Revolve + Speaker speakerphone that makes clear and less muffled calls. It can recall the eight most recently connected Bluetooth devices. It has an optional charging cradle capable of playing music while charging. It is possible to play it in sync due to the Bose SimpleSync technology that it possesses that enables it to connect with a Bose Home speaker.

Waterproof Value: IPX4 rated. As a level 4 rated Ingress Protection, it can be subjected to splashes of water from any direction without damage. It can be enjoyed within the kitchen environment like beside the sink and also by the poolside. It sings in the rain. Purposeful submersion in water over some time can lead to it getting damaged because from its rating, and it wasn’t built with watertight materials to withstand such. Accompanying it are bumpers having soft materials that grant you the pleasure of being bump worry-free. The bumpers make the Speaker endure tosses in the bag, unknowing knock-overs or when set down a little harder than you intended.

16. Speaker Name: Sony LF S50G Speaker

Price: 199.99

Smart speaker features: It has a built-in Google Assistant feature that streams favorite music, provide a weather report, news, set the alarm, answer questions, and other helpful information. Also, built-in Chromecast and Near Field Communication for seamless connection and streaming of music. Accompanied by an LED clock display, Touch Free gesture control feature and can be used to control other smart devices like lights, locks, and more.

Waterproof Value: IPX3 rated. The Speaker will function well when exposed to spraying water, from a height of 200mm, at an angle not higher than 60 degrees, for up to 10 minutes. Do not purposely expose it to water or submerge it into the water, or else you will ruin it. So its safe within the kitchen environment or in the gardens, where even with few water sprays, it will continue to function.

What To Know About IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings.

A brief look at what these IP ratings stand for is in this heading. Something you’ve most likely stumbled across several while researching on gadgets. The IP ratings do not only provide details on the water-resistant feature but also on built-in accompanying features like the drop, dust, snow proof, and others that enhance its durability. After the IP, succeeding write-ups could either be expressed in numerical values or alphabetical letters.

The first write up after IP describes the level of protection provided by the manufacturers against the ingress of solid particles. In other words, it is dustproof. The second digit or letter represents the level of resistance against the access of water. They are water-resistant. Usually, there are six levels ( from 0 to 6) of protection against solid particles ingress and nine levels (from 0 to 9) of protection against water ingress. When the letter ‘X’ replaces the digits by the manufacturer, it means there were insufficient details to ascertain the level of protection against that threat. But if the IP ratings for that threat is 0, it means no protection is in place for that threat.

Since our focus is on the water-resistant feature, we’ll not be inputting any protection against solid particles ingress. Instead, we’ll use X. Also, having audio equipment like our speakers possessing IPX8 and IPX9 ratings is quite rare. But let take a look at the various IP ratings for water protection to see what they represent.

IPX1 – A device with this first level of rating offers protection against water corresponding to 1mm per minute of rainfall. Capable of providing resistance to drops of water falling vertically on it for up to 10 minutes.

IPX2 – A level 2 IP rated device for water resistance can withstand drops of water falling on it even while tilted at a 15-degrees angle.

IPX3 – This level 3 IP rated smart waterproof speakers can withstand sprays of water at different angles up to 60-degrees when measured from the vertical axis.

IPX4 – A smart speaker device having this level of water-resistant ratings can survive splashes of water even from any direction. Some well known outdoor speakers have this level of water protection.

IPX5 – Smart speakers under this level can survive the splashes of even small water jets at any angle projected by a 6.3 mm nozzle.

IPX6 – A device having this level of ratings can withstand the more forceful water jet projected using a nozzle of 12.5mm at any angle of the invention.

IPX7 – Speakers falling into this category of ratings, can withstand without getting damaged. Immersion in water having a depth of up to 1m (approximately 3ft) for up to 30 minutes.

IPX8 – Devices having this level of resistance against water can survive submersions deeper than 1m, even till about 3m, for more than 30 minutes, depending on the information provided by the manufacture, without getting damaged. 

IPX9K – Devices like this can maintain their resistance even when subjected to powerful water jets with high temperatures for a more extended period. 

Please note that in writing the various levels of IP ratings, we have included no hyphen (-) in between the digits or letters (that is IPX-6 or IP-X4). How we’ve written it above is the standard way of writing its description provided by manufacturers about any device. 

Also, these devices are water-resistant when subjected to freshwater. And their water-resistant feature doesn’t guarantee that its floatable. Floatability over water is dependent on other build-up materials used by the manufacturer.

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