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What’s the Difference Between Google Home Mini and Nest Mini?

Science and Technology are continuously evolving at a pace that they amaze us with a new invention every day. Whether it’s a mobile or a gaming gadget, each day comes with a new device.

These inventions are stepping towards the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), to control all these invented gadgets with just a voice. 

The Disadvantages of both the speakers are:

  • No audio jack input
  • Doesnt have inbuilt battery
  • Not water proof

FeaturesGoogle Home MiniNest Mini
Dimensions & Weight3.86 in dia. 1.65 in H3.85 in Dia, 1.65 in Height
Colors & MaterialsChalk, Charcoal, Coral, AquaChalk, Charcoal, Coral, Sky
Supported Audio FormatsHE-AAC.LC-ACCHE-AAC.LC-ACC
WirelessWifi and Bluetooth SupportWifi and Bluetooth Support
SensorsCapacitive TouchCapacitive Touch 
Speaker360 Sound with 40mm Driver360 Sound with 40mm Driver
40 % Stronger Sound Bass
Mic2 Mic Array3 Far-field Microphones
Power5V, 1.8A15 W power adapte
Ports & ConnectorsMicro USB PortDC Power Jack
Supported Operating SystemAndroid.IOSAndroid & IOS

In this race of inventions, everybody wants to stay ahead of others. So being a part of this race, Google is also creating unique and unusual things that are making our lives easier. 

Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini are good examples of Google’s efforts towards Scienceand Technology.

Both the items, Nest Mini and Home Mini are strongly related items, and both are believed to be the lighter variants of the Google Home smart speaker.

Both use Google Assistant, one of the better artificial intelligence software presently available and can associate with an assortment of devices around your home.

You can utilize these gadgets to play music, make calls, use voice directions during your driving, play games, ask questions, and update Google applications like Calendar and Google Shopping list. 

All in all, what are the fundamental contrasts between the two smallish keen speakers? To assist you with your buy, we’ve illustrated the fundamental contrasts underneath. 

Price & Facts

From numerous points of view, the Nest Mini was expected to be a substitution for the Home Mini, with a couple of significant overhauls and a recharged spotlight on the Google brand and the AI technologies that it gives to its customers.

One of the outcomes is that there’s no distinction between the costs of the two models: The cost of both the devices is $49, and both are very easy to buy from Google or Amazon sites without shipping charges.

Additionally, price wise these both devices can be compared well to its rivalries, similar to Amazon’s third-generation Echo Dot, which has a price of $50.

Despite the fact, price wise these both models are the same, you can surely expect the Google Home Mini to drop in cost or even observe liberal deals during the Christmas & Thanks giving season, given that it’s the old model.

It makes a value proposal extremely simple: If the Google Nest Mini accompanies newly innovative features (which are discussed underneath) and a similar price, at that point, it’s unquestionably Google Home Mini is the best. 


The Google Home Mini is a little circle canvassed in texture. The highest point of the circle utilizes three LED dabs to impart capacities like running procedures, tuning in, starting arrangements, or quiet mode. You can tap the sides of the Mini to change volume, stop a process, or to be quiet.

However, you may get annoyed while doing this, as the tapping side is not adequately stamped, so it may require few taps to complete the action. There’s a little mic switch at the bottom of the device to turn it on or off.

Few diverse shading alternatives are available including the colors orange and dark blue. From the outer appearance, both devices appear to be alike.

Nest Mini is eventually smaller (so slight to judge), and comes with some exceptional shading choices. A smooth divider mount comes with nest mini unlike home mini where you have to purchase a divider mount for yourself.

The touch controls on either side of the gadget and the LED lights on the top works similarly in both models.

Agile Home Control 

Since both the Nest Mini and Home Mini use Google Assistant to control smart gadgets, they have similar usefulness. Anything that works over Google Assistant will work for both devices.

Both can integrate and control many smart gadgets around the home, and can run on Android or iOS, and there’s no measurable distinction here. However, we will take note of that Google’s smart home compatibility framework is one of top AI software.

Google is attempting to upgrade all their old devices to the new Nest software and to bring under Nest Family of products. Upgrading to Google Home Mini to Nest Mini is part of the program.

Both Google Home Mini and Nest Mini are similar and they work the similar because of the software inside it is same, if you have Google home mini already and you can keep using it.

Speakers and Sound Quality

A 40mm driver for sound is incorporated in Home Mini, similar to the size of enormous earphones. Comparing Google Home Mini to its bigger siblings, a critical contraction is found in sound reach and in quality too.

Sadly, this form of the Home Mini has a small scale USB port for power, so you will require Bluetooth remote earphones to interface with it (so you can associate with your PC).

Conceptually these both devices are not music-playing machines. The redesign of Nest Mini has significant increase in its sound quality. Despite having a 40mm driver, yet Nest Mini has a solid bass twice then its primary model; reported by Google.

It is challenging to decide when the specs are the equivalent, yet there is an eminent sound improvement. Nonetheless, neither one of the models will draw near to the degree of execution that a full brilliant speaker can reach, so they aren’t incredible for music.

The Nest Mini, however, has an edge with regards to notification, reports, tracking sports activities, and other sound-related utilizations, when the speaker will be close within reach. 


Both the Home Mini and the more current Nest Mini are intended for similar applications, working as your personal assistant without complaining. They aren’t generally designed to be put in focal areas like other more prominent speakers are, even though you are not using any other massive bass speakers.

Be that as it may, the Minis are for the most part at home on work areas, in quarters, hanging out by workspaces, or reside on little counters where individuals will be working adjacent.

They do not work as a morning alarm since there’s no simple element for telling the time; however, they could fill in as morning alarm clock assistant if you lean toward a voice right hand in the first part of the day. 


The Nest Mini has lot advantages over Home Mini with updated features with strong sound bass in the device when compared with Home Mini with the similar cost. That makes this second-generation model a simple pick over the Home Mini.

It is probable that Google will eliminate the Home Mini later on (it’s now hard to discover in numerous online stores). Confused while choosing one between these two? Looking towards their features, it is undisputed to choose the Google Nest Mini.

Still, we suggest you investigate the full scope of smart speakers available before settling on an ultimate choice. It is better to determine your needs towards these devices, that what actually you need? Why you want to use these smart gadgets?

If you sort your needs then it will be easier for you to make a choice, whether you should buy Google Home Mini or Google Nest Mini.

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